Writing with Influence: Day Two Reflections 2016

Overall Take-Aways:

Think about the layers of knowledge and new thinking that have evolved in just two short days. How have you  synthesized this information and looked to re-envision the teaching of ELA in your classroom?

17 thoughts on “Writing with Influence: Day Two Reflections 2016”

  1. Working smarter, not harder! Use the authentic texts within our curriculum to cross teach reading as writing, and writing and reading!


  2. You’re going to LOVE this! Well, I think so anyway…

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  3. I have been thinking about this and tossing around ideas in my head for 2 days now. One of the biggest changes I want to implement into my classroom is providing students with more choice in their writing. I also like the idea of borrowing the structure from mentor texts to provide students with more opportunities to write.


  4. To begin synthesizing the information from these two days, I plan to look at the curriculum and materials we are supposed to use with new eyes. I am going to read the reading class stories and books so that I can make connections. I will make a grammar checklist and look to find how I can address it within our literature and writing. Luckily we have a meeting planned for next Tuesday with the 7th grade English and Reading teachers in our building. I’ve got to say that “structure” has been something we’ve been discussing. This needs time to settle, and be flushed out with colleagues. (No puns intended.)


  5. This workshop has opened my eyes to the possibilities for meaningful writing instruction for our students. I think that even my most reluctant writer would be able to mine for moments and draft a piece of writing based on his/her ideas. I plan on revisiting some of my favorite authors to use as mentor texts in the upcoming year.


  6. I agree with Chrissy. I also love the idea of borrowing structure from mentor texts. It seems like such a great way for students to become confident in their writing. Last year I was often trying to make the connection between reading and writing in my writer’s workshop classes. This year I plan to use the phrase “Let’s read like writers” I think this is a tremendous way for students to connect to the text as a writer.

    I have really enjoyed this workshop and all of the great leadership you have given Val!


  7. The Writing with Influence workshop has provided me with an abundance of ideas to use within my classroom to create a community of writers. The one thing that I absolutely love is reading like writers. My plan is to do just that with all of the books I already own to gather mentor texts to use this upcoming school year. New insights for a new year.


  8. I want to use my time more wisely, and allow students to write more. I love the use of mentor books to teach and review concepts. I really enjoyed and want to implement the Margret Brown book we used today. I am becoming more confident as a writing teacher from the two days so far. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Reading as a writer has opened my eyes on how to use text to teach. I always new the connection, but wasn’t sure how to implement it. I have started to explore the first two stories in our curriculum to see how I can adjust my teaching as soon as school starts.


  9. I agree with so many of the comments, especially ones posted about using time wisely. This year I plan to rethink the way I’m using my ELA minutes to incorporate the reciprocal approach Val has taught. I am anxious to try many of new lessons once the school year begins!


  10. I really liked seeing how easily and effectively I could teach grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation while reading. I’ve never seen someone present it quite as smoothly as that; it was completely integrated rather than the typical isolated method.


  11. I completely agree with Sarah F. We hear so much about teaching in context… but eventually, I feel like things all end up back at worksheets. No more! I feel like these last two days have given me the tools and knowledge of exactly HOW to use the mentor texts, HOW to share with my students, and HOW to teach in context, whether that be grammar, structure, punctuation, what have you. My brain is buzzing. Val, thank you for your energy and know how!

    Also, Megan, thanks for placing the order! 🙂


  12. I now have my own toolbox of how to teach students the writing process through using mentor texts. Pre-assessment will lead my instruction. I am so excited to share these techniques with my new second grade team!


  13. Thank you Megan for organizing pizza!

    These past two days have opened my eyes to options & flexibility in writing I hadn’t considered before. I am going to dig through my stash of possible mentor books and look at our reading curriculum in a whole new light. I am excited to expand writing and use our current curriculum as one avenue to do this.


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