Writing with Influence 2016: Slice-of-Life Teacher Posts

One thought on “Writing with Influence 2016: Slice-of-Life Teacher Posts”

  1. Mother of Three- by Pamela Leonard
    Since 2003, I have been a mother of three:
    Grace, Katherine, and Anna.
    Mother of three daughters who came every other year…
    Grace, 1999
    Katie, 2001
    Anna, 2003
    Grace, lived before and stoic.
    Katherine, biggest heart and loves to move.
    Anna, deepest thinker and loner.
    All beautiful and inspiring.
    Mother of three daughters
    who watched them at the Flight 93 Memorial.
    Grace, taking her time.
    Observant, reading, witnessing, feeling empathy and remorse.
    Katherine, speeding through.
    (She’s been here before)
    Annoyed, bored, mad, feeling her time was abused.
    Anna, sticking next to NanNan.
    Overwhelmed, unsure, shocked and questioning.
    Mother of three observing her daughters process a horrific event.
    Sometimes, I don’t want to expose them to the world,
    they are my babies.
    But as a mother of three,
    I am there to scaffold their discoveries of a sometimes cruel world.


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